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Clouds aren't actually white or grey as they appear. Instead, clouds turn colors
depending on how light hits them and how thick they are from the water vapor, water
droplets, ice and dust particles they're made of.

There are 2 ways that clouds are formed. When air contains a lot of water vapor,
and the air cools below a specific temperature (the dew point temperature), the
water vapor condenses to form droplets. These droplets fall on dust particles in the
atmosphere, forming clouds.  Clouds are also created when warmer air currents
mix with cooler air currents. In either case, a variety of different types of clouds are

The first cloud classification systems were developed in the 1800s, and clouds
were categorized according to their individual shapes and content/type. However,
today’s system has four primary categories for clouds that are grouped according to
their location in the atmosphere.
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